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Have just watched Bangkok Kung Fu :D At last I get the subtitle. Even I must adjust the subtitle with the movie I have. I think it’s a sad movie in the beginning, but I love all action in this movie :D I can really feel how Kaa, Chi, Naa, and Pong felt when they were a kid, but they are really cool when they are all grown up :D Still in love with Mario cute smile and acting :D But I think all of them are really great :D For all of you who loves drama movie and action movie, must watch this movie. Because you can get the drama side but also a very interesting journey from them, the kids who can do kung fu. So sorry, but I have to say that the movie effect is just too animated, I mean, I don’t really like that kind of effects like the wind effect etc, but yeah, since it’s still have a good plot, I still like it :D 3 stars for this movie :D By the way, I love Komo “K-Otic” acting in this movie, and he is so handsome :)

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