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Stepho is here. A happy Indonesian-Chinese. Ukulelist. Love Asian world so much (Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan). I don't really know western music except Owl City, David Choi, Noah and The Whale, and other Asian-American Youtubers. Short story writer who loves Kermit The Frog :) Bahasa and English only :D

All of my writings are my opinion. So sorry if I say something wrong or something that offend you.

Hope you like my blog :D

Have just watched this movie and I fell in love with Ken’s acting :D So cutee :D and Aum, she is really beautiful :D I wonder if there is a real Por in this world that waiting for a girl until 7 years and never give up to get her love. Actually this movie has a really good plot but somehow I think, the phase is too fast but that is not problem, still this movie is really cute. I love every sentences that come out from Por’s mouth. Those are really sweet :D So I think for all girls who love a younger boy, that’s ok, because we don’t know what will happen next. Like Jaa, she realize that Por is the best for him without thinking about Por’s age. Never give up to get your love. Love is for all age, remember that :D

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